Pie Iron Strawberry Shortcake

This is one of my new favorite summer treats! There were some scrumptious looking strawberries at the grocery store right next to the freshly baked angel food cake… who can resist that?! Instead of plain ol’ strawberry shortcake, though, I wanted to get a bit creative. I decided to pull out the pie irons that we take camping and have some fun. If you aren’t familiar with pie irons, they are cast iron (sometimes aluminum) cooking tools to use over a campfire or grill. You can make “sandwiches” out of whatever you want and then grill them in the pie irons. We tried PB&J on our camping trip, but we just weren’t crazy about it. Tonight’s creation, however, we love!

What you need: Pie irons Butter Angel food cake Strawberries Dark chocolate, chopped Campfire or Grill What to do: Butter the inside of the pie irons. Put a slice […]