Campfire Frittata

Do you think that camping means you can’t eat delicious, healthy food? Trust me, you can! And it’s easy, too. We whipped up a frittata in no time, for a hot and filling breakfast.

How delicious does that look?! Frittatas are basically baked eggs with tons of yummy ingredients. I’ll tell you what we used, but be creative and try out different combinations. Here’s a Mexican Frittata!

What you’ll need: A campfire or grill A camping pan (8 to 12 inches wide) 2 to 3 eggs per person Butter or olive oil Fillings (we used asparagus, mixed mushrooms and blue cheese) Seasonings (we used sea salt, but you can add herbs, too) What to do: If using a campfire without a grate, level one side of the fire to set the pan on the wood/coals. Put a few tablespoons of butter or olive oil in the pan and add […]

Camping With a Baby

We took our not-yet-six-month-old camping last week. Yep, we’re a little crazy, but if you’ve been around here awhile, you already know that. 😉 Our four-year-old, Pumpkin, has been camping once before and did splendidly both times. This was the first trip for Babykins. We spent one night and had a ton of fun, but there are some things we’ll do differently, next time.

What we did right We all slept together on a king-sized air mattress in a king-sized sleeping bag (actually, it’s two sleeping bags zipped together). This was so important for keeping the little ones warm on a cold night. We brought a baby hanging jumper- the kind that hangs from a door frame. My idea was to hang it from a tree branch, but it took a few bungi cords and some acrobatics to get it right…We couldn’t reach the branch, so hubby had to climb. […]