DIY Dessert Sauces

As promised in Monday’s post on remaking your holiday leftovers, here are three delicious dessert sauces that you can whip up for special occasions! When people think of chocolate or caramel sauce, they typically picture a squeeze bottle from the store, right? Well, that is NOT real food. Although we don’t want to overdo our sugar intake, I know we can all use sweet treats occasionally. These recipes will give you all the flavor and none of the bad stuff (like corn syrup and artificial flavor and color). Enjoy!

Chocolate Sauce This sauce can be made either thick, like a hot fudge, or thin, like you-know-who’s syrup. 😉 Although it may seem odd, the sea salt is a delicious addition which gives more depth to the flavor. (Makes about 2 cups)


1 cup cocoa 1 cup rapadura or sucanat (See note at the bottom of this post) 1 […]