Pretty DIY Bookmarks

This is a household of avid readers. We sometimes read as a family (the “Chronicles of Narnia” or the original “Winny-the-Pooh”) and we often read on our own. One of our favorite things to do as a family is take a trip to the bookstore and just hang out enjoying some good books (and the train set that’s there for the kiddos!). Sadly, I never think to buy bookmarks for all of that reading! I am a hopeless sticky note addict, and years ago I began using sticky notes as bookmarks. Functional, yes, but not very pretty. And, besides, I never have sticky notes to write lists on if they are all stuck in books! Today, we changed all of that.

How beautiful is that?! And it was so quick, easy and cheap! Pumpkin (that’s my four-year-old’s blogging name) and I made ten bookmarks in just a few minutes […]

DIY Herbal Shoe Sachets

Stinky shoes? Whip up a few of these and your shoes (or your hubby’s shoes, wink-wink!) will smell fresh and clean.

These instructions may seem a bit vague, but I wanted to do this project with things we already had. It’s meant to be a frugal project for using up leftover material scraps, thread and herbs, but feel free to go buy the supplies, if you need them. 🙂

In some of these pictures, you’ll see two pairs being worked on. Both are for my hubby (note the “manly” material I found! Hehehe!), one for his work shoes and one for his everyday shoes.

What you’ll need: Material that is at least 4 inches wide and 14 inches long, for each shoe. For larger shoes, you can make them bigger, for child’s shoes, adjust to make them smaller. Natural materials are always preferred over synthetic. Thread that […]