Frugal Fun

Fun activities can be expensive… but they don’t have to be! For “Frugal February”, I have been brain-storming ideas for cheap and free family fun.

Get Outside State and National parks are a wonderful place to enjoy some family time! Depending on your location and the time of year, you could hike, camp, picnic, swim, play outdoor games, rock climb, sled, climb trees, bird watch, take pictures, fish and countless other things! Just being out in a natural environment makes everyday things more fun. Cook some hotdogs over an open fire and then go barefoot to search for frogs and toads in a shallow stream. It’s cheap and your kids will love it! Be creative! (Bonus: Many parks also have classes and group activities, sometimes free! Check at the info center.) Outdoor concerts can be found in many cities and towns. Pack a picnic and go experience something new. […]