Frugal February: A Money-Saving Challenge

When my hubby and I first got married our income was $900 a paycheck. Where we lived, a decent one-bedroom apartment was almost $800 a month, so nearly half of our monthly income went to rent. Utilities were expensive in that area, so most of the rest of our income went to electric, gas and water bills along with car insurance. Money was pretty tight. We budgeted carefully, accounted for every penny we spent and almost never ate out or bought anything that wasn’t a true need (i.e. food, car repairs or medicine).

Adding Up the Little Things

In the last ten years, our income has gone up quite a bit (though it went down some with the economy). We fell out of the habit of being very careful with our money. We are by no means frivolous spenders, but there are so many little ways we could save […]