Our First Two Weeks on the GAPS Diet

First off, I’d like to say thank you all so much for bearing with me while we got our feet under us with this new diet. I know I haven’t had a lot of meaty content the last few weeks, but now that I know what I’m doing with this grain-free diet, I’m jumping back in to regular blogging! 🙂

This post is going to be huge, because I want all of our results in one post. Please forgive the length.

These last two weeks have shown us some very interesting results. If you haven’t read my posts on what the GAPS diet is and why and how we’re doing it, here are the links to take you to the posts that will fill you in:

What is the GAPS Diet? Our Plan For GAPS (tells why we are doing GAPS)

As I said, the results have […]

Free GAPS Diet Resources

So far, I’ve told you a bit about what GAPS is and why we’re doing it. Now, I want to share the best of the best GAPS resources I’ve found. And yes, they are all FREE! 😉

More details about GAPS Mommypotamus: Why GAPS? Cheeseslave: GAPS Diet Myths Preparing for GAPS Keeper of the Home: How to Prepare for Going on the GAPS Diet Journey to Food that gives Life: How to Prepare for GAPS {Stocking Up} Journey to Food that gives Life: Preparation Day (Prepping chicken and veggies) The Liberated Kitchen (Amazing resource for getting ready!) GAPS Intro Recipes and Tips Journey to Food that gives Life: How to Prepare for and Begin GAPS Journey to Food that gives Life: GAPS {Stage 2 Information} Notes, Recipes and Ideas Journey to Food that gives Life: GAPS intro Recipes and Meal Ideas (Just keep scrolling down!) The Liberated Kitchen: GAPS Intro […]

Our GAPS Diet Plan

In my last post, I told you what the GAPS diet is and why people use it. Today, I’m going to tell you why we are going to follow GAPS.

Why We’re Doing GAPS

First off, I don’t believe GAPS is necessary for everyone. I honestly don’t think it would hurt a healthy person to take a few months to do GAPS (it’s all amazingly nutritious food!) We also don’t believe that GAPS will heal every problem out there. There are other causes of disease besides digestive problems. We are doing GAPS because my husband has an obvious digestive problem that has been getting worse and it makes sense to follow a diet designed to heal the digestive system. 🙂

About five years ago my hubby started a new job that was extremely demanding. He often had to work straight through an 11 or 12 hour shift (sometimes longer), with […]

What is the GAPS Diet?

Before we began eating real foods, my hubby and I did one month gluten-free (December of 2010). While looking for gluten-free recipes, I stumbled across something called the “GAPS” diet. After reading through the basics I thought, “I could NEVER do that!!” Well, on Saturday my family is starting GAPS. Never say “never”, right? 😉


GAPS stands for “Gut And Psychology Syndrome”. It is a temporary diet that is meant to heal the digestive tract (“gut”). You can read a bit about the creator of the GAPS diet, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, and the history of the diet here. The gist of it is that a problem in the gut is often the root cause of “mental health” problems. Diseases such as autism, ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety and more have been found to be drastically improved and even cured for some people when they use the GAPS diet.

Damage […]