Five Ways to Dry Herbs

If you’re following along with our herbal remedies series that just started (check out the intro here), you may want to grow your own herbs (learn how to grow and harvest herbs, here!). If so, you’re going to have a ton of herbs- far more than you’ll be able to use fresh. You’re going to need to preserve them to use throughout the rest of the year. One of the best ways to preserve herbs is to dry them. Here are five drying methods that you can try.

Hang-drying: This is by far the easiest! As you harvest your herbs (post coming soon!) you simply bunch together the bottoms of the stems/branches, tie them tightly with twine and hang the bunches of herbs. There are a few considerations when deciding where to hang them. ~Dry area– if you put them in a location that is often damp, such as a […]

Growing and Harvesting Herbs

Have you thought about growing your own herbs to dry? If not, I would really like to encourage you to consider it. Not only can you grow organically, you will be amazed by how much more flavor and potency your dried herbs will have when compared to store-bought ones. We love being able to use our home-grown and dried herbs in our home remedies, which I’ve started teaching about here on my blog!

Some of our favorite herbs to grow are chocolate mint, lavender, lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, parsley, sage and dill. You can learn more about each of those herbs in this post.When it comes to actually growing the herbs, you have three choices for getting started.

Starting Herbs Seeds: This is a cheap way to go, though it can be more difficult. I’d recommend finding a good website or book on starting plants from seed. I’ve found […]

Roasted Green Tomato Salsa

What do you do with your garden tomatoes when they split before they’re ripe or get blossom end rot?

This is my “Oh, no, the green tomatoes split!” salsa… but you can make it with red tomatoes, too. 🙂

Ingredients: 1 sweet onion 3 cloves garlic 8 medium green tomatoes (or the equivalent) 2 or 3 jalapenos (I used 3 of my green Anaheim peppers) juice of one lime small handful of cilantro one pinch of sugar two pinches of sea salt Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat two baking dishes (one large, on small) with oil. Slice onion in half, leaving skin on, and place it cut-side-down in the smaller baking dish. Place garlic cloves, with skin on, in a square of foil and drizzle with oil. Close foil and put next to onion. Trim any blossom-end-rot from tomatoes and place them whole […]