Renew Your Health- September Challenge: SLEEP

Healthy sleep is so much more complex than it sounds. It sounds so easy (for some of you it probably is), but most of us don’t get enough sleep. Those of us who do often still aren’t getting good quality sleep. This month, I’d like to challenge you to join myself and my hubby in getting more shut-eye!

Before we jump into that, though, let me quickly recap our August Health Challenge, which was to detox. I ended up needing to increase my detox herbs more slowly than I thought, but it is important that I not take things too quickly. Since I’m breastfeeding, I don’t want to detox any faster than my body can break down the toxins. So, I’m still just taking one of each capsule a day. We’ve decided to extend the detox for at least another month, so I’ll be increasing the burdock root and milk […]

Renew Your Health Challenge

I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Is anybody else out there on the same page? Have you had a health crisis or even just little problems that built up and left you feeling less than healthy? Here’s my story…

What Got Me To This Point

I used to feel healthy and strong. I’ve never been athletic and I’ve always loved to sleep in, but I could spend hours and hours actively doing things I loved. Then, one day my hubby and I came down with a virus. The doctor told the nurse to tell us that our over-the-phone description was a classic case of “mono”. He said (to tell the nurse to tell us) not to bother coming in. Just rest for a couple of weeks and we should be back to normal within six weeks. It’s been seven years. We still don’t feel “normal”. After […]