The Healthy Weight Myths Series: “Healthy” Means “Skinny”

We are working our way through a series to bust healthy weight myths and learn how to reach and maintain a healthy weight. If you haven’t read it, please be sure to start with the introduction so that we’re all on the same page. 🙂

A skinny person is not always healthy and a healthy person is not always skinny. So often, people equate the two, but they are not the same thing! Yes, a “skinny” woman may be healthy and a larger woman may be unhealthy, but that’s not always true. A very slender woman may be horribly unhealthy, while a woman with an “extra” twenty pounds may be very nourished and healthy.

Losing Weight Isn’t a Bad Goal

Please don’t panic and think I’m telling you that it’s not okay to want to lose excess weight. That’s a fantastic goal, if you truly need to lose the […]

Introduction to “The Healthy Weight Myths” Series

Are you feeling like this dried-up creek bed when it comes to trying to get to, or stay at, a “healthy” weight? Have all the negative, restrictive and demanding rules sucked the life out of you?

Since before I began blogging over two years ago, I have wanted to write about this. There is so much confusion about how to get to and maintain a healthy weight. There are so many health-damaging diets, weight-loss pills, books, magazines and even “experts” out there that women are bombarded with bad information, myths and even, sometimes, lies.

Seeing women who are struggling to get to, or stay at, a healthy weight is something that has made me passionate about helping us all get to our best level of health. For many, that would include losing weight, but for other ladies, like myself, that means getting healthy, fit and strong and maintaining something […]