Babykins’ Birth Story

Yes, we’ve chosen “Babykins” as the blog name for our newest addition. If you’re new around here, “Pumpkin” is the blog name for our three-year-old. 🙂

Our second little girl was born here at home on November 27th. It was such an amazing experience– everything we had hoped for! The due date was November 17th, but since my hubby and dad were down with pneumonia, I was quite content to let this little one take as long as she wanted. People were constantly telling me that I must be miserable and sick of being pregnant, but even if I wasn’t wanting the guys to have more time to get well, I would have waited patiently for our baby to take as much time as she needed to develop. Yes, I was uncomfortable, but I honestly think that a “due date” creates such silly expectations for women that it magnifies their […]

Why We’re Planning a Homebirth: Part 1

Our second little girl is due in the middle of November… just six weeks away. Yikes! We still need to empty the nursery of all our junk (we currently call it “the pit of despair”), paint it and bring all of the baby stuff up from the basement. I’m already in serious nesting mode, but a lot of it is about things I want to get done that aren’t actually necessary for the baby’s day to day care… like this post!

I am writing this, not to defend our choice, but to encourage other parents who may be considering homebirth and to share what I’ve learned for those who just want to understand homebirth better. When I first heard a rumor about women having their babies at home, I was shocked. Why on earth would they take that risk? The hospitals had doctors, drugs and technology to keep them and […]