Dried Pineapple

Can I just say, “YUM!!!” It’s sweet, tangy, chewy and delicious!

First, let me say that you do not need the dehydrator or special tools I use. You *could* just hack at a pineapple with a knife, pop it in an oven on low and check on it until it’s dry. The way I’m going to describe, though, will give you even results and it’s tons easier to get it evenly sliced! If you’re wanting to follow my directions, you’ll need a pineapple corer/slicer and a dehydrator.

Here’s the game plan:

Cut the top off of the pineapple (My lovely model here is my Dad! Thanks, Daddy!!!) Twist the corer/slicer into the center of the pineapple. Pull the sliced and cored pineapple out. Slice the pineapple into half or quarters. Lay the pieces out on the dehydrator trays, being careful that they aren’t touching. Set […]