Having a Homebirth Atmosphere at the Hospital or Birth Center

My first baby was born in a natural birth center inside of a hospital. It was a very good experience, though there were some things I would do differently. Most of you already know that I had a beautiful homebirth for my second baby in November. I hope to be able to have any future children in the comfort of our home. I highly recommend homebirth to most women, though not all. But what about the mama-to-be who loves the idea of a homebirth, but isn’t able to do it for some reason (no midwife, medical complications, hubby says “no”, etc.)? There are some women who truly need the medical expertise of an obstetrician. Are those ladies stuck with an unfamiliar, noisy, uncomfortable hospital room to bring their precious little ones into this world? Not at all! The trick is to be informed, get creative and be prepared.

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