A Christian Review of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

I doubt there are many people out there who haven’t at least heard of Marie Kondo’s book. “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” has been safely camped out on bestseller lists everywhere and has been translated into several languages. It has, what has been described as, a cult-like following. Kondo isn’t a Christian, so that cult-like following can make us believers a little leery of her wildly popular book. We all know that just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s good. I’d like to offer a Christian perspective on the “KonMari” Method so that you can make a wise decision about whether or not it would be a good resource for you.

What is it About?

Marie Kondo offers a new method of decluttering (which she named the “KonMari Method”) that she claims trumps all the other decluttering out there. Rather […]

Get Organized- Tips for Every Room in Your House (Part Three)

Did you miss the first posts in this series?

In Part One, get tips on organizing the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, living room and entry way.

In Part Two, you’ll find some ideas for containing toys, kid’s artwork, homeschooling supplies and more laundry room ideas.

A few weeks ago we discovered that the storage unit we’d been keeping a bunch of things at was not well-built and much of our things were water damaged or molded. All of the furniture, some books and a few other things weren’t salvageable, but we were so thankful that the things most important to us were only minimally damaged. Baby pictures, keepsakes from my childhood and all the other things that money just can’t replace are mostly okay. And an added bonus? It sure did make it easy to decide what to keep and organize and what to get rid of! πŸ˜‰

Usually, […]

Get Organized- Tips for Every Room in Your House (Part One)

I had designated October as my own person “Get Organized” challenge… then my girls had croup for the first two weeks! Poor baby girls were miserable and I could barely keep up with laundry and dishes. Okay, I didn’t keep up with laundry and dishes! These last few days I’ve been trying to get my house back in decent working order, but I’m also making plans to use the rest of the month to the best advantage. I’m organizing my online store supplies, getting the rest of the boxes unpacked from our move to our adorable little farmhouse (ever noticed how old farmhouses really don’t have much when it comes to closet space??) and I’m hoping to get everything done before the holidays hit. At the end of November, we have Thanksgiving, my daughter’s birthday and my birthday. Whew!

Okay, so I’ve enlisted the help of some […]

Ways I Love To Use Jars

My poor husband is not a jar person… I am. I might drive him just a little bit crazy with my collections, but I don’t know that I can help myself! In fact, you could possibly (probably??) say that I have a mild obsession with jars and bottles. I. LOVE. THEM. I love the way they look, I love that they are non-toxic, I love the way they keep everything separated and organized, I love that I can make and store things in them, I love that they are reusable… Are you getting the picture? Maybe I should show you some pictures of some of the many ways I use jars! πŸ™‚


Herbal Tea

I often make and store an entire half gallon of herbal iced tea, such as my pregnancy tea, in a 2-quart mason jar! The tea in this picture is made from our own homegrown […]