Cherishing the Seasons of Pregnancy

During my two pregnancies, I was so surprised by the number of negative comments I received. The comments I heard the most towards the end of each pregnancy were, “You must be miserable!” and “Aren’t you sick/tired of being pregnant?!” Umm… no. I didn’t have what you would call “easy” pregnancies, but I was thrilled to be carrying my precious babies! God designed our bodies in such an amazing way! It is so beautiful, the way that we are made to be able to carry and nurture another little person! Rather than trying to convince me that I was miserable, I would have appreciated to hear some encouragement…

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Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness


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I was 99% certain that I was pregnant several days before I could even take the test. I walked in our favorite grocery store and it REEKED. For a few seconds I thought, “can’t everybody else smell that?!” but I quickly remembered how nasty the whole world smelled when I was pregnant the first time around. Granted, this was wonderful news. We had been trying to get pregnant again for over two years, so I was thrilled. I was also moderately concerned. With my first baby, things didn’t start smelling whiffy until about week six or seven. This couldn’t even be called “week four” yet […]