The 7-Minute Bathroom Cleaning

7 Minute Bathroom Cleaning

The bathrooms are the second part of my getting-the-house-back-to-normal effort, to recover from the neglect they suffered while I was busy obsessing over some fun baby projects. My kitchen is sparkling and functional again (I have some acorn squash baking in the oven to prove it!), but the bathrooms were too grimy to leave for another day.

Granted, this is not a method to deep-clean, but if you need to get your whole house cleaned up with minimal effort in minimal time, it’s perfect! I actually did this for the first time about two weeks ago, but I timed myself again, just to be sure it wasn’t a fluke. It’s true. You can get your bathroom “company ready” in under 7 minutes! Today, I did both bathrooms in 14 minutes. AND, I used only my homemade, non-toxic cleaner, so there were no nasty fumes going in this pregnant mama’s nose.

I highly recommend having a bathroom cleaning kit that stays right there in the bathroom. It makes it much easier to get started if you don’t have to go hunting for all the supplies you need. Here’s a picture of mine, which I keep in my very organized cupboard under the bathroom sink. It contains my homemade cleaner, microfiber cloths, grocery bags to line the trashcan, a few paper towels and gloves. 


  • Step 1:  Clear off the counters and use a paper towel to quickly wipe off any hair or dust (you can skip the paper towel if you want, but smearing dust and hair around with a wet microfiber just grosses me out!) (1 minute)
  • Step 2:  Spray the counters, sink and both the outside and the inside of the toilet (that’s right, this spiffy cleaner is strong enough to disinfect and clean a toilet without the harmful fumes!) (1/2 minute)
  • Step 3:  Slightly dampen a microfiber and wipe down in this order: mirror, counters, sink, outside of toilet, inside of toilet (just the top and bottom of the lid and seat, not inside the bowl) (3 minutes)
  • Step 4:  Using a dry microfiber, wipe everything dry in the same order as above (this will remove any dust/hair left behind and will give you a nice shine that says “I just cleaned my bathroom”) (1 minute)
  • Step 5:  Use a toilet brush to scrub out the toilet (if it’s especially grimy, you can first sprinkle in some baking soda, but I haven’t needed to do that since I made my own cleaner) (1/2 minute)
  • Step 6:  Replace trash bag and towels, if needed, and return items to the counter (1 minute)

That’s it! Seven minutes and your bathroom with be disinfected and sparklingly clean! Now, on to the livingroom…

6 thoughts on “The 7-Minute Bathroom Cleaning

  1. oxpictus says:

    One of the easiest ways to keep kitchen and bathrooms clean is to not let clutter accumulate on counter tops.

    If you do need to leave things out, put them on a small tray or in a basket. That way, you can just pick up the tray or basket for quick cleaning.

    • Great tip! I really do need to find a cute tray or basket. I try to keep as much as possible in the cabinet or under the sink, but your idea would really help with the things that we like to have out for easy access. 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    Have you come up with a shower/tub cleaner yet? I’m planning on going out and buying the things I need to make this cleaner. Sounds great!

  3. Kelly says:

    I notice in all your cleaning (kitchen, bathroom etc) you don’t mention cleaning the floor. Do your floors not get hair, dust, food, or other dirt?

    • LOL!!! This one actually made me laugh out loud, Kelly!! When I wrote these, we had one child, no pets, lived in the suburbs and had a no-shoes-in-the-house policy. My floors were really easy to keep clean with spot cleaning spills and just taking care of all the floors (vacuuming and mopping) once a week.

      Now, we live on a hobby farm, have an inside/outside dog, two kiddos and we are in and out so much that I’m the only one who follows the no-shoes rule. 😉

      My floors are in a constant state of dirty. Even right after I clean them, they show signs of dirt and black dog hair within minutes. I vacuum/sweep at least once a day and it’s never as clean as when I used to do it once a week. That’s just my life now. 🙂

      So, they really hardly ever got “dirty” at the time and now they hardly ever get “clean!”

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