The First Week With a New Baby

I wish I could say that this first week with our new little girl has been easy and that we have everything figured out. After all, it’s our second baby, so we should know what to expect, right? Ummm… no. Reality seldom lines up with our plans. The strange part is that we’ve really only had two problems to deal with. Isn’t it crazy how I have a list of dozens of wonderful things to be thankful for (and I am VERY thankful), but a tiny list of two things can seem so overwhelming?? Okay, here’s my “problems” list…

  1. Engorgement: I get what they classify as “severe” engorgement, and it HURTS. It makes breastfeeding very difficult, even when there are no other problems. However, problem number two is…
  2. Upper-lip tie: Breastfeeding has been excruciating, but I breastfed my first baby for 18 months, so I know it SHOULDN’T hurt. I finally spoke with an acquaintance who is a lactation consultant and, after I described what is happening, she said it sounds like our baby girl has an “upper lip tie”. It’s kind of like a tongue tie. Basically, the upper lip is too tightly connected to the gums and/or it is connected too far down. This causes the baby’s upper lip to curl under (instead of flaring up like it should) and she attempts to use the upper gums to form an air-tight seal.  When she does this, she “chews” with her upper gums. Yep, it hurts. I’m talking uncontrollable crying type hurt. Me, not the baby.

We have an appointment in the morning with a dentist who specializes in lip and tongue ties. He’ll do an evaluation to confirm that she really has a lip tie, then, if she does, he does a quick procedure and we should be good to go. If she doesn’t (though I can’t imagine that she doesn’t since her lip looks like all the pictures), then I will be meeting with a lactation consultant ASAP. 🙂

My list of “wonderful things” is amazingly long! We had a beautiful home birth with a wonderful midwife, our baby is healthy, my mom has been an amazing help and support (my poor dad is battling pneumonia in both lungs, so please pray for him), we have tons of healthy and delicious meals and snacks in the freezer (plan ahead, moms-to-be!), my hubby has an entire month off, Pumpkin adores her new little sister and is so eager to help us with her… I could go on and on, but I it’s about time to feed the baby.

8 thoughts on “The First Week With a New Baby

  1. Yes, Beautiful is the word I would use. You are getting me all excited for ours in March! Thanks, I needed that reality check. This one has been hard (especially these last 2 days), being reminded of the reward at the end was just what I needed tonight.

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