The Second Week with a New Baby

What a difference a week can make! I can’t believe Babykins is already two weeks old! Here’s a recap of our week.

Sunday: Spoke with an acquaintance who is a lactation consultant. She said that it sounded like our baby might have a tongue tie or lip tie and she recommended a local dentist who specializes in that area.

Monday: Called the dentist and made an appointment for an evaluation on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday: Went to the dentist and had both tongue tie and an upper lip tie confirmed. He clipped both and encouraged us to see a lactation consultant as soon as possible. I called and made an appointment with the most highly recommended lactation consultant in the area.

Wednesday: Went to see the lactation consultant. She was such a wealth of information and encouragement!

Thursday: Still in a lot of pain, but hoping for things to get better soon.

Friday: Baby latched on a little better.

Saturday: She really got the hang of latching on and nursing! By late evening, though, I had the symptoms of a badly plugged milk duct that is trying to become mastitis. I do some natural treatments for mastitis and symptoms seemed better by bedtime.

Sunday: I have a professional breastfeeder in the making and all symptoms of a plugged duct/mastitis are gone by evening!

I’m finally feeling like I’ve got my feet under me. The first two weeks with a new baby are both the longest and the shortest weeks of parenting. Honestly, I’m relieved that we’re past it. Although I am very careful to never wish away any part of our children’s childhoods, I am very much looking forward to enjoying our new little girl without having to deal with all of the problems we’ve had to work through. 🙂

For her third week, we will be focusing on establishing a good routine (not a schedule, but a rhythm to our days and nights), and just enjoying this time as a family.

This post is a part of the Weekend Whatever at Your Thriving Family. Go check out the other posts over there! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Second Week with a New Baby

  1. SO glad the clogs are cleared!!! I have laid the baby on the bed and hovered in different positions to try to get things to release – always feeling a little silly about it. But really it was the only thing that ever worked.
    I would love to read a post about going to see the lactation consultant. I have thought MANY times about being one. Would be nice to know from mommy perspective how she helped.

    • I’m actually planning a nice big post on all of the breastfeeding adventures we’ve had. I’ll be sure include a chunk on the lactation consultant! 🙂

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