Top Ten Posts of 2012

What an exciting and eventful year! As a family, we have learned so much and been so blessed. As a blog, we have developed a fun and diverse community that I hope is a blessing to each of you who visits.

I had a good time pulling up all of the stats to see what the most read posts have been over this last year. Some of them were obvious, but I was surprised by some that made the top ten list.



10. Natural Remedies for Colds: Herbal Teas

I wasn’t surprised by this one- who doesn’t want to have a soothing and yummy tea to drink when they’re feeling yucky? Each of these teas and tea blends has amazing properties to help you feel better and even get better faster!


9. Babykins’ Birth Story

Do you know anybody who has had a homebirth? Have you? This is the story of the homebirth of our second baby. It was absolutely beautiful!


8. Homemade Belly Butter

So, so soothing on an itchy preggo belly! A little goes a long way, so just one batch is really all that’s needed per pregnancy. This belly butter smells wonderful and is deeply moisturizing.






7. Homemade Toothpaste

I have to admit, I have discovered an easier recipe that is what we use now, but we really did love this one!











6. How to Make Butter

Making butter for this post was such a blast! Pumpkin and I had so much fun and the butter was delicious! This is something I think everybody should do with their kiddos at least once a year. It’s fun, educational and so tasty. ๐Ÿ™‚









5. Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Ugh. Morning sickness is one of my least favorite things, but I’m happy to share what helped me through my two pregnancies!






4. Natural Remedies for Colds

This was my first post on colds and it covers all the things we do that aren’t herbs. It always helps me to have something to refer to when I’m feeling yucky and it seems that many of you agree, considering how often this post has been pinned!



3. Coconut Oil Salve

This is the easiest salve EVER! When people are first getting involved in making their own personal care products or herbal remedies, they can be overwhelmed by the complexity of some of the recipes. This simple salve is perfect for beginners, but it’s also something an experienced herbalist can make use of! By the way, it smells heavenly!! At the moment, I have some “making” with lavender and another batch with calendula. There are also some rose petals waiting to be infused into oil… oh, the joys!


2. How to Make Sour Cream

Wow! This one was an unexpected hit! Who knew that there were so many people out there looking for instructions on making sour cream at home?! Once you’ve tried it, there just is no going back. Homemade sour cream has a much more complex and delicious flavor than that bland stuff from the store, so give it a try!



1. Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

This post has been pinned on Pinterest, linked to by other bloggers, found through search engines and shared on Facebook so much that I wish I had written it sooner. There are so many parents out there who want to treat their children’s ear infections naturally and avoid antibiotics. There has only been one ear infection in our house since my first daughter was born and we treated it naturally. There has been no recurrence, but if there were, we would follow these steps again!


Thank you all so much for making Creative Christian Mama such a wonderful community! I look forward to this next year of learning with you and getting to know you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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