Toys to Inspire Creativity and Learning

Instead of more movies, video games, computer games and cell phones, how about some presents that get those creative juices flowing and maybe even teach our little kiddos something?! Whether you’re shopping for your own child or not, these will be a big hit. I’m sharing some old favorites from my childhood, along with some new favorites that our own girls enjoy. This post is specifically about indoor toys, so keep an eye out for our favorite outdoor toys, later!


My girls spend hours in the handmade aprons their Granny made for them! They cook, clean, garden, do craft projects and play dress-up with them. Having something special to put on makes everything more fun. We offer these for sale in our store, Real Traditions, if you’re not up for sewing them yourself. 🙂


I can’t begin to calculate how many hours I spent playing with my spirograph, as a child. I’m pretty sure that when we get one for our girls, I’ll enjoy it just as much as they will!

Marble Run/Race Sets

My baby brother and I spent a ton of time building intricate tracks with his marble run! With a five year age difference, it was one of the few things we both enjoyed. 😉


We didn’t have this one, but it was something I always loved to play with the kiddos I babysat when I was a teen. Unlimited creative potential!

Lincoln Logs

Does this one even need an intro?? Every little boy should have a set of Lincoln Logs, if possible!

Melissa & Doug Toys

This is my favorite toy company, these days. They are high quality and almost all of their toys encourage learning and creativity! Here are a few of our favorites!

See & Spell

Our five-year-old loves this one. We also use the wooden letters without the boards to spell other words.

100-Piece Wood Blocks Set

We have the unpainted set and it gets used all the time. Few days go by without me hearing the block towers crash on the toy room floor.

Pattern Blocks and Boards

This has been such a fantastic toy for creativity, logic and spacial learning. Our five-year-old started by following the patterns, then she learned to make her own patterns. LOVE this one!

Geometric Stacker

So much more interesting and durable than a plastic ring stacker. Our two-year-old has several levels of challenge with this set.

Lace and Trace Pets

Sewing boards are excellent for hand-eye coordination and these are perfect for long car rides.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful, when you’re deciding what to buy. Your turn! What were some of your favorite creative/learning indoor toys, as a child?

5 thoughts on “Toys to Inspire Creativity and Learning

  1. Art supplies and those pot holder looms, just to name a couple 🙂 Great ideas, Justyn! We love Melissa and Doug too…just ordered the lace and track thingys for Christmas last week!

    • I decided that craft kits are going to need their own post, because they were my favorite thing to get, when I was little! I’ll be sure to include the pot holder looms- thanks for the idea!!! I think most birthdays and Christmases are going to be mostly Melissa and Doug for a long time! 😉

  2. I used to like to play with Lincoln Logs as a child. We have a few Mellisa and Doug toys for our Little One and we really like those. God bless! 🙂

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