When the Easiest Way Isn’t the Best Way

“Why make it yourself when you can just buy it at the store?!”

You’d be surprised how often I have heard and read that question since I started learning about “real” food. Sadly, the “why put out any more effort than absolutely necessary?” mentality applies to pretty much everything. Our culture is obsessed with “ease”. We want to use the least amount of energy possible to get what we want. Anything that requires effort is seen by most people as something to steer clear of. Give a person a microwaved dinner, a remote control and a lazy-boy chair and they’re happy. No, there is nothing inherently evil about a remote control or a recliner (I’m thinking the term “evil” is an apt description for microwave dinners, though! In fact, we don’t even use a microwave!). It’s the idea that the point of life is to have everything be as easy as possible.

When everything is easy, there is no growth or improvement. The pursuit of the “easiest” way to get through life will starve a person mentally, emotionally, spiritually… even physically, a person is nutritionally starved. If a person is lazy about what they eat and doesn’t have an active life-style, they’ll grow… just not in the direction they would like. Their answer is diet pills and pre-packaged, nutrient-void diet food. At least, that’s what they think. They like the pills and diet food because it’s easy. Little do they know that they are destroying their health just as surely as if they’d stayed with the junk food.

I’m not saying that we all need to find the most difficult ways to do things (sometimes the “right way” is to do less!), but we shouldn’t make our life’s purpose to always be on “the path of least resistance.” We need to honestly evaluate our priorities so we can make good decisions about in what areas of our lives we should go beyond the “easy” way.

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6 thoughts on “When the Easiest Way Isn’t the Best Way

  1. I really appreciate this post! I certainly agree that we live in a culture ‘obsessed with ease’. We often miss growth opportunities when we take the easiest, quickest path.
    I’m a new follower and neighbor from Intentional.Me and would love for you to visit and follow!

  2. This is a great reminder! You’re so right about us being a culture of ease and that’s not what God intended. He created us with a purpose to work and even went so far as to say in His word, that laziness is frowned upon.

    Thanks for sharing this word:)


  3. Jennie McClintock says:

    Great article! It is very refreshing and uplifting to know there are still many people who believe in and raise their children according to proper and now old-fashioned values of hard-work and doing things the right way even if it’s not the easiest. My Grandmother used to tell me there is a certain pride you get from doing things yourself.

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