When the “Right” Way is Wrong: Part 2

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So, why do we make our own rules to follow and try to perfect ourselves? I think it’s because we know that something is missing. Instead of being content to choose one out of many good ways to do something, we make it a moral issue so that we can feel we’ve done something “right” when we accomplish it. But, more often than not, we fail. Guilt follows and we make more rules… it won’t work. The need we are trying to fill isn’t for more rules, but for renewed minds. When we become believers, we are new creatures and we know that that should mean our lives change, right? So, we try to make it happen. We take on burdens we were never meant to carry. That isn’t what God asks of us. He wants us to draw close to Him, to let His Word of Truth renew our minds. The more we come to know Him, the more we will think like Him. We will value what He values, love what He loves. The way we think will line up with His Word, and out of our changed hearts and thoughts, come our changed words and actions. Our hearts and lives will be pleasing to God, and that is what really matters.

If I am seeking to please God by being a “keeper of the home”, is there really a “right” way to do household chores? Of course not! There are so many wonderful ladies out there who share all of their brilliant ideas on different ways to do things, and I love to learn about more “good” ways that I can choose from, but I’ve stopped seeing any of them as the only “right” way. I’ve also recently realized that whatever way I have been doing things in the past may not be the best way for me to do them now.

My life is changing with this new little one on the way, and I am getting ready to sit down and reevaluate how I do things. At times, I’ve been very structured; other times, I’ve just done whatever looked like it needed doing. At this point, I need some structure and some do-it-if-it-needs-doing. For example, I’m working on several seasonal weekly menus (complete with shopping lists!) that I can rotate easily for diversity. I’m also tossing around the idea of baking on a certain day of the week. For a long time I always had a brand new two-week menu and shopping list done for each paycheck. That just doesn’t work for me right now, and that’s okay. I plan to try several recipes to freeze for after the baby arrives, but I don’t think once-a-month freezer cooking is the best way for me to go at this point, and that’s okay. Are you getting the idea? 🙂

So, the way my everyday life looks will be very different in a few weeks and I’m excited about it. I’d encourage you ladies to sit down and think about what “right” ways you are living and see if maybe there are some other good options out there that would be better for your life at this point. This blog, as well as several others that I’ve found, can be an encouraging and helpful tool for you! And if you get bogged down in rules and “right” ways, spend a few minutes seeing what God says about that particular thing. You just might find that something you’ve spent your entire life treating as the “right” way is really only just one “good” way out of many!

What kinds of “right” ways have you changed in your life?

6 thoughts on “When the “Right” Way is Wrong: Part 2

  1. Chris says:

    Good article! When I had my first baby, I never slept during the day. I had been raised with the idea people who took naps or slept during the day were lazy; almost like a moral flaw. Consequently, I was a zombie for the first 4 months of my babies life. By the time my second baby came along, I knew I had to change my routine and I did! When the babies slept, I slept…no matter the time of day or night. I was still tired, but not nearly as sleep deprived.

  2. I agree so much with what you’ve said. Every person is at a different place and different season in life, so it makes sense that what is right for them won’t be right for me in these minor things such as scheduling, meals, etc.
    We’ve just changed up our homeschooling days because what was right for us last year no longer works. Flexibility is so important as well as openness to changing with the seasons in our lives. I think sometimes our pride gets in the way and we insist on following those rules that we’ve made for ourselves regardless of whether the Lord is leading us elsewhere.

    • Isn’t it amazing how many different ways pride can sneak in?! I’ve found that to be true for some things that I’ve kept doing in spite of it really not being the best way at the time. I’ve also found that some things I do just because I’ve always done them and never stopped to think about it! LOL! Every once in awhile I’ll stop and say to myself, “Hello?! Why on earth am I making this so difficult when it doesn’t have to be?!” 🙂

  3. I wish I had read this with my first child. 🙂 It’s funny how you do things differently than you ever think you will. You say “I’ll NEVER do that.” And then you always end up doing it.
    I always said I’d never drive a mini van…..but I think I might have to eat my words one day.

    • LOL! Stacy, you really cracked me up! I’ve heard so many women say they will never drive a mini van and I’ve always thought, “But there’s so much ROOM in a mini van! Space to separate the kiddos…”
      You’re so right about that first baby changing how we see things. I actually wrote my first guest post for Modern Alternative Mama for first-time moms to learn from our experiences. I know that I made things a lot harder than they needed to be, so with this baby I’m going to be SOOO much more prepared and flexible!

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